Where can you fish?

For the fishing competition Fjordlandet Open, you may fish all along the coasts and Islands of the Isefjord and Roskilde Fjord. The so-called “boarder” is drawn as a straight line from Hundested to Rørvig, so any fish that are caught north of this line cannot be entered in the competition. Therefore, Korshage, north of Rørvig as well as the fishing areas north of Hundested, are not part of this competition. Any rules regarding conservation zones must of course be followed. Find them here.

UPDATE! Due to ice on the fjord, we have decided to expand the area, where participants may fish. All participants can, therefore, choose to fish in Roskilde Fjord, Isefjord and along the coast between Gniben and Gilleleje. 

Fishing places

There are a lot of good fishing spots all around the Fjordlandet. Find your fishing spot by looking here:

Fishing areas in the Isefjord

Fishing areas in Roskilde Fjord

Good practices when fishing in the fjord

If you want to read more about good practices in fishing areas, then watch this nice and informative film by Fishing Zealand (klik the link or watch the film below the map).