The Weekend Programme

Friday evening at Værftscafeen, Havnevej 7, Holbæk

17.00-17.30 Arrival.

17.30 -17.45 Welcome speech by the major of Holbæk

17.45-20.15 Welcome and opening ceremony by Fishing Zealand as well as registration and time to receive the measurement tool for the competition.

18.00 Dinner – This must be purchased simulateously with the ticket for the competition. Price: DKK 100 (incl. a beer/water).

19.00 Information about the rules of the competition, as well as advice on how to handle and release the fish by Niels Lagergaard Pedersen from Fishing Zealand.

19.45-20.30 Speach by Fishing Zealand’s fishing guide Keld Juul Michaelsen, who will give tips and tricks regarding fishing and go through some of the good fishing spots in the fjord.

Followed by a good amount of Danish hygge!


00.01 The fishing competition begins.

05.00 Handing out the measurement tools for the competition on Holbæk Harbour by the Værftscafeen, Havnevej 7 – finish at 5.30.


12.00 Deadline for handing in a film for the film competition.

16.00 End of the fishing competition and deadline for submitting photos for the fishing and photo competitions.

17.00 Fishing Zealand will announce the winners and hand out prizes at Værftscafeen, Holbæk Havn.

Food and beer can be bought while the prizes are being allocated.