The Programme for Fjordlandet Open 2019*

Friday: Opening Event

18.00 Arrival at Værftscaféen, Havnevej 7, in Holbæk

18.10 Welcome

18.30 Dinner for all participants by Spansk Smag (Spanish flavours).

19.15 Information about the competition rules, as well as catch & release angling techniques by Niels Lagergaard Pedersen fra Fishing Zealand.

19.30 Speech: : “The newest findings regarding the sea trout migration – update of research in Roskilde Fjord” by Peter W. Henriksen, consultant for Fishing Zealand.

20.00 Speech

After the final speeches it will be possible to collect measuring tape for the competition. This will be followed by a good amount of Danish hygge!

Saturday: Fishing in Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord

00.01 The fishing competition begins. Find out where you can fish, here.

05.00 Collect your measuring tape, if you did not receive it friday evening, at Holbæk Harbour by the Værftscafeen, Havnevej 7, 4300 Holbæk. Measuring tapes can be collected until 5.30.

05.00 Collection of measuring tape on the parcking lot by the grill bar at Kronprins Frederiks Bridge in Frederikssund. Address: Strandvej 1, Frederikssund. Collect the measuring tape until 5.30.

Sunday: Prizes

16.00 End of the fishing competition and deadline for submitting photos for the fishing and photo competitions.

17.00 Fishing Zealand will announce the winners and hand out prizes at Værftscafeen, Holbæk harbour.

Beer can be purchased while the prizes are being allocated.

*Please note that there may be chances to the programme.