Photo competition

– how to enter in the competition
This is not the competition, where you submit one of those “show-off” photos with you and your fish, which we have all seen countless times in the fishing magazines. To win this competition, you need to think out of the box by capturing other angles and telling an different story about our favorite hobby.
The panel of judges will especially look at the atmosphere on the picture, the angle or perspective, the composition and other photography elements. In short, the panel will be searching for a photo that, in a new and different way, captures the essence of angling in the fjord.

The judges will select the best photo and the winner will receive a prize of DKK 2,500.

You can enter 5 photos per participant. The photos must be max 5 MB.

The competition will run during the weekend from the 28th- the 29th October 2017. All submitted photos must be taken during this period.

Submit your photos by sending them to no later than Sunday the 29th October, at 4 pm. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation from the judges. The photos are entered in the competition when you have received the confirmation. You must participate in the fishing competition to be able to enter in the photo competition.

Please note that the competition organisers reserve the right to use all submitted photos for future marketing initiatives and similar purposes.

The winner of the photo competition 2016

The lucky winner of last year’s photo competition was Nicolaj Korsholm, who’s photo can be seen below. The picture really captures the essence of fishing in the fjord. Moreover, the lighting is perfect and Nikolaj has captured a really cool situation, right when the fish is about to be landed. Those of you, who really know the fjord well, will also recognise the place, namely Bramnæs Vig. We are excited to see many more amazing photos during this year’s competition.

Vinderen af Fjordlandet Open fotokonkurrencen 2016: Nikolaj Korsholm