The film competition

Starts from the 1st September 2017*

– how to enter in the competition
Every time you go fishing, you will find yourself in one of the world’s best filmsets!
The organisers are looking for a film that really campfires the essence of fishing in the fjord. This could be the atmosphere, the nature, the fish, the companionship and all the other elements that characterises our hobby.

In the film competition the judges will select the best film based on various elements, including theme, filming and clipping.

Apart from the honour of winning, the winner will win a prize of DKK 2,500.
As it can take a while to take a good film, this competition starts already now, on the 1st September. Therefore, you may start filming already. Yet, the film must be taken in the area in which the Fjordlandet Open competition takes place, namely along the coasts of the Isefjord and Roskilde fjord.

The film must be edited and submitted no later than 12:00 Sunday, so it will be ready to be shown at the closing ceremony on the 29th October 2017.

Your film must be uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo, after which you must send a mail with the link to no later than Sunday the 29th October 2017, at noon, 12:00. After this, you will receive a confirmation from the judges. The film is not entered into the competition before you receive a confirmation from the judges. It is a requirement that you must also participate in the Fjordlandet Open competition to enter in the film competition.

The organisers reserve the right to use all submitted films for future marketing and similar purposes.

*old clips may also be included in the film, as long as the film also includes new clips and as long as the film is not published online before the 1st September 2017.

The winner of the film competition 2016

The winning film for the film competition 2016 was produced by Peter Christensen. See the amazing film below.