Rules for the Fishing Competition

The rules for the fishing competition Fjordlandet Open will be presented at the opening event, friday evening, but you can also prepare yourself by reading about them here.

Catch & Release is Voluntary

Fjordlandet Open is a voluntary Catch & Release competition. It is voluntary in the sense that you are free to take your fish home, if your wish to do so. Furthermore, you have the chance to document and enter your fish into the competition and still be able to release it back into the fjord.
The longest fish will win! The length of the fish will determine who has won the competition. The hosts have spent a long time discussing and considering whether or not to include weight of the fish. However, for the well-being of the fish, we have decided that only the length of the fish will determine, who has won the competition. Thus, we are aware that the winner of the competition will not necessarily be the heaviest or the most beautiful fish, but this is how it works in a Catch & Release competition.

Take two photos of the caught fish

To participate in the competition, you must take two fotos of the fish that you have caught:

  • The first foto is just a “show-off” foto, which must show you and your fish. The one who has caught the fish must be in the picture.
  • The second foto must be taken of the fish lying beside the measurement tool*, with the tale spread out, so it is easy to see how long the fish is. The fish must lie beside the measurement tool. The length is measured from between the two points of the tale. Write an email with the length of the fish. It is important that the fish is placed on a damp surface, to avoid any damage to the fish. For more information about how to handle the fish, see ”Catch & Release og skånsom håndtering af fisk”.

*the measurement tool that must be used during the competition will be handed out at the information meeting Friday evening, for which all participants must show up personally.

The two photos must be sent to the judges by sending a mail to You will receive a confirmation mail from the judges. Your fish is not entered into the competition before you have received the confirmation. We will continuously update out Facebook page with information about the sizes of the fish that have already been caught, so you know which fish will be worth your while measuring. The deadline for submitting photos for the fishing competition is sunday the 7th October 2018 at 4pm.

The general rules of the competition

  • The competition is only for sea trouts caught by angling caught by fishing, spinning or fly fishing.
  • Fishing from a boat, even a small boat, and other motorised boats is notpermitted.
  • Fishing from a kayak, pontoon and a floating ring (without a motor) is permitted, but it is not allowed to use electronic devices, such as a sonar, fishfinder or similar equiptment.
  • You may fish from the beginning of the competition on Saturday the 6th October, one minute past midnight, at 00.01. Photos for the fishing competition must be submitted no later than Sunday the 7th October at 4pm
  • The competition is only for sea trouts. Other fish, such as steelheads and salmon are not included in the competition.
  • Every participant can only submit one photo with their longest fish. However, you may replace your photo during the competition, if you catch a larger fish.
  • The length of the fish is crucial. For the photo you must place the fish beside the measuring tool, which you have received, so it is possible to read the length of the fish. The length will be determined by measuring a straight line between the two tale points. Therefore, the tale must be spread out. Each participant must by themselves ensure that the photo is sharp, so the length of the fish can be noted.
  • The length of the fish will be determined with one decimal, thus, a fish with a length of 63,1 cm will win over one of 63,1 cm.
  • If two or more sea trouts have exactly the same length then the prizes can be divided between the winners.
  • Your receipt for entering in the competition, a valid fishing sign and ID, must be shown if you participate in one of the competitions.
  • The panel of judges reserve the right to disqualify films and photos, if they have reason to believe that the rules have not been followed.
  • The official rules regarding the minimum length of a sea trout apply (minimum length of 40 cm).
  • Existing rules regarding the conservation of the areas around the fjord must be respected.
  • A valid fishing sign is required to participate in the competition.
  • You may only fish with one fishing rod per person.