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The story behind Fjordlandet Open

Fjordlandet Open began as “the Isefjord Sea Trout Open” in March 2015 with Hotel Orø Kro as the main driving force and the founder.

The Isefjord Sea Trout Open was held both in March and in October 2015, in all of the Isefjord and with the Island Orø as the base.

From March 2016 the event chanced names to “Orø Fjordlandet Open”. Additionally, the sum of the prizes increased and the area expanded to includde both the Isefjord and Roskilde Fjord. At the same time, Fishing Zealand joined the project and helped plan the event. This competition was repeated in October 2016. However, after this Orø Kro, the base of the competition, has to close down, so the competition was cancelled in March 2017.

But now we are back on track thanks to a range of enthusiastic partners, who are working closely with Fishing Zealand to plan the next competition.